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MaNidus GmbH

iis the construction planning office of Dipl.-Ing. Markus Nitschke from Berlin and was founded in 2018. The focus of our activities is the planning of structural solutions and the creation of verifiable static calculations (structural planning) and execution planning in reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete construction, steel construction, timber and masonry construction.

MaNidus Ingenieure GmbH

is the joint construction planning office of Dipl.-Ing. Markus Nitschke and M.Sc. Tom Frackenpohl and was founded in 2021. We work on our projects consistently BIM (Building Information Modeling) oriented with bim+ task management and can thus realize construction projects faster, more cost-effectively and with higher quality.

Mac Engineers

(MAC Engineers Vietnam Co. Ltd. / MAC Engineers PTE Ltd Singapore) is a German engineering and consulting company based in Singapore and Vietnam. Our core business is structural engineering and project management in Europe and Asia. Our group of companies operates offices in Germany, Singapore and in Saigon/Vietnam.

The Company


Find out everything about the MaNidus company, our services for you and our way of working, our projects, the team and the management.

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Structural planning in building construction

The focus of our activities is the planning of structural solutions and the creation of verifiable static structural planning in building construction as well as implementation planning in reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete, steel, wood and masonry construction…

Formwork and reinforcement plans

With our partner offices, we are able to create formwork and reinforcement plans for in-situ concrete structures and element plans for semi-finished reinforced concrete parts effectively, quickly and in high quality. Formwork and reinforcement plans are usually created on the basis of a 3D model…

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the future of construction… they say. What’s the point of that statement? The added value of the planning method lies above all in the consistent use of a digital building model…


A balanced supporting structure that is coordinated in good time in all respects is the key to rapid planning and simple execution.

We advise comprehensively and interdisciplinary. The experience we have gained in the planning offices and on the construction site helps us…


Here you will find information on some current projects, as well as some of those we have already worked on and successfully completed, from all planning phases.

Jobs & Careers

Vacancies at Manidus

We are looking for new colleagues. Apply now and become part of our team.


Article mb-news 04/22

“BIM in structural design – A practical report by MaNidus Ingenieure GmbH” In the magazine “mb-news 04/22” you will find an article about us.

Zeitschrift mb-news

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