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With our partner offices, we are in a position to create shuttering plans and reinforcement plans for in-situ concrete designs and element plans for reinforced concrete semi-finished parts in an effective, efficient and high-quality manner. At MaNidus, the coordination and plan review are carried out.

The plans are usually drawn up with Allplan Nemetschek or ViCADo based on a 3D model. The standards are the EuroCode 2 and the ACI (American Concrete Institute).


Example formwork drawing – ceiling

Further execution plans in the LPH5

  • Joint banding, work and setpoint joint plans for WU constructions
  • Timber arrangement drawings
  • Structural steel arrangement drawings
  • Masonry arrangement drawings
  • Inventory plans for structures

We are happy to offer you only the formwork and reinforcement planning for your project. Please feel free to contact us.

Example reinforcement plan - ceiling
Example reinforcement plan – ceiling
Example reinforcement plan - foundation
Example reinforcement plan – foundation
3D reinforcement plan
3D reinforcement plan
Example formwork drawing - foundation
Example formwork drawing – foundation