The pareto principle

The pareto principle (Vilfredo Pareto 1848-1923) states that 80% of the results are achieved with 20% of the total effort. The remaining 20% ​​of the results require the most quantitative work, accounting for 80% of the total effort.

Application in construction planning

This phenomenon can also be related to the phases of construction planning. In the early work phases, that is, in the preliminary and design planning but also before, e.g. The feasibility studies are already laying the foundations for economic and timely construction projects. The structural engineer should be consultant in these phases in the design of the building, whether new construction or renovation. A well-balanced structure that is timely coordinated in all respects is the key to rapid planning and simple execution.

We advise comprehensively and interdisciplinary. The experience we gained in the planning offices and on the construction site helps us to do this.